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(trademark) a pocket-sized stereo system with light weight earphones

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But now, on its 35th anniversary celebration, Sony has a lofty goal: make the Walkman return to its glory days.
The downside to the Walkman is that it is heavy, bulky and has a very frustrating interface.
Sony always thought that they should be the natural heirs to digital music because they pioneered portable music with the Walkman.
tried a swimming cap to secure the Walkman in place which helped, but it was
In addition to Walkman, Concepts in Motion currently manages Hamra's February 30 and Big Shot -- now closed -- and Uruguay Street's Checkpoint Charlie.
Improved: Better overview in WALKMAN home, fewer items but with possibility to open full list view," based on the screenshot capture by (http://www.
Available in black, red and gold, the ultra-portable Walkman is retailed in select countries across the Middle East and Africa.
Sony will put the high end Walkman player to apply for the high-resolution audio on the market in December.
The course used the case study of the Sony Walkman to illustrate the field's themes and how culture works in late-modern societies, helping students critically reflect on contemporary cultural practices through historical comparison and the case of the Sony Walkman.
The new feature, which is now live on the PS3, Android smartphone and tablet, Android Walkman, and web apps, will be added to other devices compatible with the Music Unlimited service later this year.
With this constant rush of information, seeing beyond short-term goals can be hard, but we need only look to the example of the Sony Walkman to know the folly of not looking ahead.
London, June 15 ( ANI ): Sony's iconic cassette Walkman, the Soda Stream and VHS home video recorder have helped the 1980s get voted as the 'best decade for gadgets' in a poll.
30) for the first time since 1980 in a symptom of its decline since it found huge success with the Walkman three decades ago.
Summary: Sony's stock price fell below 1,000 yen Monday for the first time since 1980 as global markets slide but also a symptom of its decline since huge success with the Walkman three decades ago.
said Tuesday it will launch in December an Android-based Walkman in Japan, enabling users to enjoy music, videos and various applications with high-quality sound.