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Synonyms for deforestation

the state of being clear of trees

the removal of trees

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I immediately snatched up her CD Waldsterben (Moebius), and it has quickly become my musical security blanket.
This is different from the outright forest death or Waldsterben from sulfur' dioxide that has claimed thousands of acres along Germany's border with Poland and the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic (Czechoslovakia).
How much more interesting, for instance, Kiefer appears when his work is examined in the context of Waldsterben, "forest-death," and given a pedigree not just art-historical but historical, one encompassing not only Kiefer's own postwar Germany but Tacitus' and Arminius' 1st-century views of Germania; the nationalist ecology of Nazism; the 19th-century forest landscapes of Friedrich and Georg Friedrich Kersting; and even the remarkable 18th-century phenomenon of the "xylotheque,' "wooden libraries" devoted to trees their books being bound in the bark of the particular arboreal variety examined in each volume.
The Harz forests were declining, apparently because of Waldsterben, or air-pollution-caused "forest death' (see AMERICAN FORESTS, january, 1986).
In other high-elevation forests, the Spruce-Fir Research Cooperative found that areas of dead forests that look like European waldsterben (forest death) can seldom be traced directly to acid rain or mists.