Waldorf salad

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typically made of apples and celery with nuts or raisins and dressed with mayonnaise

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The Waldorf Salad - apples, celery and walnuts dressed in mayonnaise - is, naturally, on the menu at the Waldorf Hilton, which celebrated its centenary in 2008, and is a natural choice for anyone wishing to pamper themselves.
I suppose that there are echoes of the classic Waldorf salad here, too, with the celery/apple/walnut flavours all mingling about, and these tried and tested flavours work so very well together, so the whole dish comes together impeccably.
Try dishes that made the hotel famous, like Waldorf Salad and Eggs Benedict.
In this reference for general readers, McWilliams (English, US Naval Academy) explains the sometimes surprising history of 48 quintessentially American dishes, from apple pie to Waldorf salad, and all the po' boys, pizza, and pumpkin pie in between.
It created the Waldorf Salad, Veal Oscar, Lobster Newburg & Eggs Benedict.
Two episodes from Fawlty Towers will be put on - Communication Problems, directed by Mike Franklin and Waldorf Salad, directed by Richard Boddy.
This variation on the classic Waldorf salad uses vitamin-rich kale instead of lettuce and blends apple and walnuts into the dressing for a creamy consistency without the traditional mayonnaise base.
Diners will enjoy poor service, a goose-stepping maitre d', a bungling Spanish waiter and a Waldorf salad - without the Waldorf.
It also would have been nice to have seen at least one car being thrashed or a Waldorf salad being ordered
Food writer Ruth Cousineau has a few ideas: Finely chop an apple and toss with sliced onion, diced jalape[+ or -]o and a squirt of lime juice for a zesty salsa; jazz up a Waldorf salad with chicken, celery, apples and horseradish mayo; and for morning, grate apples into pancake batter with a pinch of cinnamon.
Apples complement both sweet and savoury dishes: A Waldorf salad, which combines iceberg lettuce and walnuts with apples, is one the tastiest salads I've eaten; just as a hot cinnamon punch made with rum- spiked apple juice is an ideal accompaniment to Christmas cake
Gathered together in London's In and Out club, a Manuel look-a-like waiter serves Fawlty-themed breakfast canapes, including kippers on toast and Waldorf salad blinis, to the assembled crowd.
We've just done a session with the school's cooking club and we made salmon and potato bridies, waldorf salad and strawberry and rhubarb smoothies.
Even the lowly Waldorf Salad receives jazzy embellishment.