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a member of a strictly orthodox Sunni Muslim sect from Saudi Arabia


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A member of the Ikhwan once even struck a royal servant of the king for riding a bicycle, which the Wahhabists denounced as "Satan's carriages.
An "unholy" alliance of the CIA, Wahhabists, drug dealers, warlords, and religious fanatics was formed.
The article also says that the moderate Sufists in the Tetovo Teke were besieged by wahhabists, while at the same time the Islamic Religious Community harshly opposed the recognition of this Muslim order.
The royal family is understandably reluctant to cause excessive friction with the Wahhabists in view of the serious instability that this would trigger.
They expected Jasmila to go after the Wahhabists and attack them more harshly.
No longer does anyone mention NATO, the EU, the economy, the wahhabists etc.
The complexity of Islamist movements, he writes, is compounded by a tendency for Western scholars and policymakers to lump Wahhabists and the Brotherhood together.
But Sadat didn't really empower the MB in any way; he intentionally gave space for the Wahhabists to counter-balance the MB.
This is the Islam of the Wahhabists and their offshoots the Salafists, who "radicalize Sunni Islam by weakening its connection with the classical schools of law," which had been "moderate, restrained and subtle in their decisions," being sensitive to circumstances of place and of peoples.
Further, JAM staged two up-risings against the Coalition in April and August 2004, (4) and was also heavily involved in sectarian violence following the February 2006 attack on the Shia al-Askari (Golden domed) mosque in Samarra as Sadrists indiscriminately attacked presumed Baathists and Wahhabists.
Behind the conflict lies the relentless drive of Wahhabists with unlimited funds who seek to dominate Islamic intellectual life with their tradition-based puritan approach.
Revered by Wahhabists, he was a key mentor to 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as well as bin Laden.
Wahhabists have been taking students to Saudi Arabia and Yemen in the last 15 years.
Wahhabism is thus, at its heart, a premodern theological movement and Wahhabists continue to make mostly theological arguments about the oneness of God and proper forms of worship.
Classified as Wahhabists, they have been forced either to emigrate from Chechnya or to conceal their real identity.