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a member of a strictly orthodox Sunni Muslim sect from Saudi Arabia


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He urges greater understanding of Islamic rules of war, enabling us to refute Wahhabist Islamic interpretations.
As one Wahhabist recently put it, the Muslim Brothers "have consistently overlooked the principal aspect of calling their followers to tawhid (the oneness of God) and forbidding them from polytheism, because these are matters which require time and effort to change, matters which people do not find easy to accept.
And of course the Shiites and Kurds in Iraq, having been targeted by al-Qaeda for their religious views, are certainly no friends to the Wahhabist movement.
3] The term is used in a more narrow sense than perhaps is usual, to designate the more ideologically dynamic variant from the original Wahhabist fundamentalism through which indeed Sidique Khan was inducted into militancy.
They said radical Wahhabist preachers were being sent to the UK by wealthy Saudi backers.
Some Muslim countries (Afghanistan under the Taliban and Wahhabist Saudi Arabia) have tried to erase modernity and return to a timeless past.
Wahhabism's fast growth in the late 20th century was also a purely modern phenomenon, a function of Saudi petrodollars underwriting Wahhabist mosques and clerics throughout the Arab world (and elsewhere, including America).
Bilateralism costs much more in time, money, and lives than multilateralism; terrorism's "root cause" (which Clark laudably defines as "the extreme Wahhabist ideology and funding from Saudi Arabia") has been unaddressed; intelligence has been recklessly warped for political purposes; the military is stretched perilously thin.
Yet in practice, and even if unintentionally, experts say, the spread of Wahhabist or revivalist Islam has been a breeding ground for militant behavior, and for an assault on local traditional forms of Islamic practice.
He goes on to say that the current curriculum, in the year 2000, includes statements that not only non-Muslims but also Muslims, Saudi citizens, who do not follow the strict Wahhabist doctrine, "will burn in hell, that they are paganist, that they will be destroyed in the day of judgment" (al-Ahmed, 2001).
2: "The House of Saud must end its Faustian bargain with the Wahhabist sect, which was given significant sway over the kingdom's social, economic and political life in return for supporting the monarchy.
An overlooked detail in the struggle was a 1992 influx of devout Saudi-influenced Wahhabist mujahedeen veterans, who were recruited by the ruling Party of Democratic Action of Bosnia.
The deeply Wahhabist ISIL is doing exactly all this and more, all while upholding loyalty to the Saudi King's absolute power.
For his part, priest George Hosh from the Roman Orthodox Church clarified that the meeting was launched for correcting the extraneous concepts that came to our society, which caused the aggression on the country, calling upon all to concert efforts for confronting the conspiracy and the Wahhabist thinking that are aimed at fragmenting the Syrian family.