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a member of a strictly orthodox Sunni Muslim sect from Saudi Arabia


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Although many young Saudis--who represent a sizeable and growing portion of the population--are interested in engaging with the West at a commercial level, the nation as a whole remains committed to its Wahhabist religio-cultural roots.
Whereas high- and mid-level civil servants are monogamous in many Muslim countries--and this was also the case in Niger in the 1980s and 1990s--nowadays almost all the members of the administrative and political elite in Niger have at least two wives (this may be a consequence of the Wahhabist wave sweeping through West Africa).
Some expose looting of Gadhafi's arsenals for transfer through Benghazi to Turkey for the mercenaries and Wahhabist fanatics assembled to attack Syrian President Bashar Assad.
Furthermore, what is going to check the noxious influence of Saudi Arabia's ubiquitous Wahhabist propaganda?
b) Multiple researchers (1) have found that Shi'a in Saudi Arabia are often subject to widespread religious prejudice that is a byproduct of the austere Wahhabist strain of Sunni Islam that is promulgated by Saudi clerics.
Some of Prince Turki's anger could have been triggered by Obama's direct comments on the lack of Saudi social progress and its international network of "Saudi-funded Wahhabist madrassas, seminaries that teach the fundamentalist version of Islam favoured by the Saudis".
Wahhabist Sunni Saudi Arabia has spawned al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, which now threatens stability at home.
Usmani is reported to be a leading figure in the Deobandi brand of Islam--a mixture of Sufism and Wahhabist doctrine.
Extremists--extreme even by Wahhabist standards--have somehow gained control of the covert-action arm of Saudi intelligence.
For example, in strict Wahhabist Saudi Arabia women are (http://www.
But after their clan fell out with other insurgents inspired by the radical Wahhabist ideology, the elder Kadyrov headed Chechnya's pro-Kremlin government in the early 2000s and was instrumental in largely putting down the rebel movement there.
Though the United States is Saudi Arabia's most important foreign partner--a relationship the House of Saud would like to preserve--the interests of Saudi Arabia in Afghanistan are often in conflict with those of the United States; Saudi Arabia was one of just three countries to recognize the Taliban government when it took power in Afghanistan, so it is no surprise that the Saudis would like to see in Afghanistan an Islamist state focused on the "domestic propagation of religion and enforcing moral strictures within the country," much like their own Wahhabist (Salafist) state.
Radical Islam first made contact with the region in the 1950s, when a small number of Muslims returned after studying under Wahhabist teachers at Egypt's Al-Azhar University.
There is precedent for alternative, if not competing, interpretations of Islam in Afghanistan--Sufism is pervasive, as well as the Deobandist and Wahhabist reform movements, and Islamists (espousing political Islam) are gaining traction (ii) (Mendoza, 2008, p.
But he dismissed such fears, saying the Brotherhood's pragmatism had less appeal to Saudi society than Salafis, whose yearning for a return to early Islamic teachings lies at the heart of the kingdom's Wahhabist creed.