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German composer of operas and inventor of the musical drama in which drama and spectacle and music are fused (1813-1883)

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Today, Wagner's staff takes pains to find internships in New York City's theaters and businesses.
That includes 8 children whose stem cells can heal a sibling, among them several of Wagner's patients.
Wagner's greatest forte, however, is in the area of Christian Zionism, the subject of one of his earlier books.
Wagner's relationship, and that of his music, to Jews is an old topic, initiated by Wagner himself in an odious little pamphlet he authored in 1850 called Judaism in Music.
At a pace of 1 per day, each section required a 400-lb red brass pour from Wagner's induction furnace.
secured by linkages among repetitions and transformations of motifs audible in Wagner's day and still to be heard in ours" (preface, ix).
Wagner's average count of 10 larvae per quarter square meter translates to an estimated 160,000 larvae per acre; he has observed as many as 40 larvae per quarter square meter.
Acquisition Advances Van Wagner's Position as Leader for High-End Outdoor Advertising in Major Cities Nationwide
The annual Bayreuth music festival in Germany, which showcases the music of 19th-century German composer Richard Wagner, has long been overshadowed by Wagner's anti-Semitism and Adolph Hitler's idolatry of the creator of such immortal epic operas as "Die Walkure" ("The Valkyrie") and "Gotterdammerung" ("Twilight of the Gods"), among many others.
At least since Friedrich Nietzsche's repeated attacks on Wagner's character and artistic integrity the "Case of Wagner" has remained open.
Going forward, we will continue to partner with Wagner to boost our brand name and strengthen Wagner's distribution network.
Barker's volume grows out of a quarter of a century of engagement with both Wagner's music and the city of Venice, beginning with a conference paper presented at a colloquium in 1983, on the occasion of the centenary of the composer's death.
Wagner's role in that as of now is to immerse herself in the NCAA rule book to learn all of the different regulations when it comes to dealing with recruits.
One of Wagner's techniques to combat arm fatigue is to start a throwing session with a weighted ball up to 15 ounces (a regulation baseball is five ounces).