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a court order to an employer to withhold all or part of an employee's wages and to send the money to the court or to the person who won a lawsuit against the employee

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When he hears about the former employee's whereabouts later, he said, his suspicions are almost always confirmed: The person found work as an independent contractor to avoid wage garnishment.
If the judgment debtor qualifies for and properly claims the "head of family exemption," then the judgment debtor is afforded two levels of protection from wage garnishment.
The agents also may inquire about a taxpayer's employment relationships in the United States or any personal services performed in the United States, to establish wage garnishment opportunities.
The daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin hasn't attempted to enforce the court's order by wage garnishment or other means.
Second, if child support arrears accumulate, bank accounts can be seized in addition to wage garnishment.
Perhaps more important are the significant federal and state limits placed on wage garnishment.
Two of the main factors influencing bankruptcy filing rates in the United States are homestead exemptions and wage garnishment regulation.
Finally, in order to strike the appropriate balance between preserving work incentives and obtaining compensation for nondischargeable debts, Congress might wish to set an upper limit on the percentage of a debtor's income that may be subject to wage garnishment at any given time.
In Massachusetts, a technology employee, upset over an ensuing wage garnishment, opened fire on co-workers and killed seven.
On September 21, 2001, the hospital commenced a wage garnishment proceeding against Garcia and his employer, Richter Industries, the garnishee, to collect on the unsatisfied civil judgment.
Suddenly, he was facing several years of automatic wage garnishment, and the shame of being forced to explain to prospective employers why the government considered him a deadbeat dad.
The testimony focused on RHS's and FSA's progress in referring delinquent debt for administrative offset and cross-servicing and Agriculture's implementation of administrative wage garnishment (AWG).
The Consumer Credit Protection Act of 1973 prohibits employers from firing workers whose earnings have been subjected to a wage garnishment arising from a single debt," says labor lawyer Sack.
These remedies include wage garnishment, repossession of collateral, and late night phone calls.