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a court order to an employer to withhold all or part of an employee's wages and to send the money to the court or to the person who won a lawsuit against the employee

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In addition, middle-aged workers between the ages of 35 and 54 account for 62 percent of those with wage garnishments.
The value that ADP can bring to mutual clients in the areas of health compliance, wage garnishments, and tax credits -- to name a few -- may help them be more efficient and accurate, and may relieve the administrative burden in these areas so that they can focus on driving business success.
Perhaps more important are the significant federal and state limits placed on wage garnishment.
The article concludes that homestead exemptions and wage garnishments can be effective policy levers in managing rising bankruptcy filing rates.
Such an innovation would prevent commercial lenders from leapfrogging ahead of support creditors by obtaining wage garnishments, a form of secured claim.
The Risk Control survey found that increased outsourcing, downsizing, wage garnishments, and salary reductions contributed to the incidents.
Under current law, when a resident files for bankruptcy, all creditor collection efforts, such as wage garnishments, legal actions and eviction proceedings, am stopped.
The plaintiffs claim the defendants provided little charity care, charging uninsured patients up to 300 times what insured patients were charged for the same services and resorting to predatory debt-collection methods that included lawsuits, wage garnishments, liens, and arrests for failure to appear in court.
Other laws prohibit employers from freely using information about bankruptcies, wage garnishments, or other legal liabilities.
The Ventura County Department of Child Support Services will hold two workshops for employers on wage garnishments and other child-support issues.
In addition, wage garnishments, legal proceedings and diversion of income-tax rebates netted more than $2.
Court-mandated child support payments are normally transferred on a monthly basis from non-custodial parents to the state through wage garnishments, and then transferred to custodial parents.
Prior to UltiPro, RMH was using multiple HCM solutions and managed many processes by hand, including thousands of wage garnishments every payroll.
Levies, such as wage garnishments, are generally made against persons or entities holding property for the taxpayer's benefit.