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a city in east central Texas

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Duke's second case study describes how politicians and civic leaders won funding for a new dam at Lake Waco that would prevent flooding and guarantee a stable water supply for all people in the area.
Those weapons included firearms, knives, clubs, brass knuckles and chains with padlocks attached to them, Waco Police said in a Facebook post.
Swanton said police were aware in advance that at least three rival gangs would be gathering at the restaurant and at least 12 Waco officers in addition to state troopers were at the restaurant when the fight began.
The legislation has already passed the House, where House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee Chairman Larry Phillip, R-Sherman, said the events in Waco "shouldn't have anything to do" with its prospects of becoming law.
Bella Beauty College is a beauty school in Waco that trains aspiring beauty professionals with vigorous education and hands-on practice, teaching the best attributes and skills to those who want a career in beauty; be it hair, skin or nails.
The Waco siege (also known as the Waco Massacre) was a siege of a compound belonging to a religious group, the Branch Davidians, by the FBI between February 28 and April 19, 1993.
That's a pretty dramatic allegation, but McNulty says that's where the evidence leads, and no one knows the evidence of the Waco tragedy better than McNulty.
During the past five years, Waco has acquired Madison County Abstract Co.
Through this new plan, the Waco distribution center will also handle inbound processing of parts directly from suppliers.
According to the report, Waco officials have praised the move, which they said will make the central operation more compatible with its neighboring residential and business districts.
Heavin, who in 1992 launched the Waco, Texas--based chain that now has more than 7,000 fitness centers, has donated millions of dollars to antiabortion groups and denounced the acceptance of gays and lesbians.
Allegiant Air has reportedly scrapped plans to announce a new service between Las Vegas and Waco Regional Airport.
Pitts established her own private studio in 1962, teaching piano, voice and music theory to students of all levels, and is a music instructor at McLennan Community College in Waco, Texas.
Previously, she served two terms on the Waco City Council.
Although I have left the town and even my native state, Waco, Texas, is still where I tell people I'm from.