Wabash River

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a tributary of the Ohio River that rises in western Ohio and flows southwestward across Indiana

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There are now eleven known breeding sites in Posey County, and these occur on both the Ohio and Wabash River floodplains (Fig.
1992) and northern Kentucky (Kentucky Natural Heritage Program, Element Occurrence Records, accessed 15 July 2010) add drainages of the Ohio and lower Wabash rivers as possibilities.
The tunnel is meant to eliminate 30 percent of the city's annual volume of sewage overflows into the Wabash River.
The Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee announced findings of the carp population downstream in the Wabash River, which leads to the Maumee River and Lake Erie.
New Harmony was, Travelocity notes, established generations ago along the Wabash River with the intention of creating a perfect society, and the elements that remain make it a perfect travel destination.
A subsequent search of the upper and middle Wabash River and the Little Wabash River failed to yield live P.
What did happen was that the first week we were back home again, as we were crossing the muddy Wabash River, a bald eagle swooped over our car.
According to the newspaper, the fuel cell will be used to help power Wabash River Energy, Ltd.
Colonel George Rogers Clark had led his Kentucky riflemen 170 miles across the marshes of southern Illinois toward a planned assault on the British Fort of Sackville in the village of Vincennes, on the banks of the Wabash River in present-day Indiana.
We depicted the banks of the Wabash River, silhouetted trees and a silver moon.
Danbury, CT, to install a two-megawatt fuel-cell power plant at the Wabash River Energy Ltd.
I was born at home only yards from the Wabash River in Ohio, the tenth child of 13.
Wabash River Enhancement Corporation received $7,000.
The Indiana Department of Environmental Management has issued a permit allowing wastewater associated with the quarrying operation to go into the Wabash River as well as an unnamed tributary nearby.