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the United Nations agency concerned with the international collection of meteorological data

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For Michel Jarraud, Secretary-General of WMO, there will be no doubt that "2015 will be the warmest year on record since we have records.
This is all bad news for the planet," WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud said in a statement.
WMO attributes the rise in extreme weather conditions -- including major heatwaves, droughts and cyclones -- in large part to human-induced global warming.
An annual Statement on the Status of Global Climate will be released by WMO in November 2015, the UN climate change conference in Paris, COP-21, analyzing the combination of data.
WMO uses a combination of datasets to compile its annual Statement on
If we are to preserve our planet for future generations, we need urgent action to curb new emissions of these heat trapping gases," WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud said in a (http://www.
The WMO said it was likely to end among the top 10 warmest years since records began in 1850.
Irena director-general Adnan Amin and WMO secretary general Michel Jarraud signed the first MoU on Monday during the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2011 (COP17).
These are just a few of the reasons for the increasingly prominent role that the WMO and other international environmental organizations are now playing in the climate change arena, clearly transcending the exclusively scientific issues that one were their unique realm.
The WMO predicts that heat waves in the 15 largest US cities could claim 4,000 lives by 2020 -- more than doubling the number of US heat deaths recorded during the 1990s.
While the overall warming trend in global temperatures contributes to such weather patterns, it is not the only cause, according to the WMO.
WMO allows the user to track web activity and infrastructure, as well as enabling users to maintain end-to-end service levels for e-commerce sites that leverage back-end systems and applications.
The Hadley Centre and the University of East Anglia in Norwich supplied much of the analysis in the WMO statement, which includes data through mid-December.
WMO scientists will leverage Picarro's technology to enhance the accuracy of GHG measurements taken throughout the world.
These trends are the result of long-term warming trends, WMO explained, which are mainly caused by the emission of anthropogenic greenhouse gases into the earth's atmosphere.