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a weapon that kills or injures civilian as well as military personnel (nuclear and chemical and biological weapons)

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10) As adversaries continue to pursue the possession and proliferation of CBRN weapons, the Chemical Corps will continue to capitalize on the synergistic effects of partnerships with government agencies such as DPG, providing relevant and realistic training and closing the CBRN and WMD gaps that have been exposed in various reports.
An RAF Regiment unit called the Defence Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Wing based at Winterbourne Gunner, Wilts, has already been warned to be prepared to work alongside the SAS in securing WMD sites in the Syria at short notice, it added.
This team, unlike prior versions that existed at post, will receive further medical and safety training to augment what they learned in the WMD course.
Part I both describes specific WMD threats and touches on some of the dilemmas governments face in protecting citizens from attack, accurately attributing attacks, controlling dual-use technologies (such as medical radiology), and disarming the WMD of traditional military powers.
This bill addresses the full-range of homeland security considerations associated with the WMD threat - it not only authorizes programs to enhance our nation's prevention, deterrence, and preparedness capabilities but also bolsters our diction, attribution, response and recovery capabilities.
Critics have long argued that Blair promised Bush in April 2002 that Britain would support military action to get rid of Saddam, and later arguments about WMD were designed to fit this objective.
Its assessment of the dangers of a world awash in such weapons points to one conclusion: All nations must make prevention of the spread of WMD a priority.
UN [United Nations] Security Council Resolution 1540, adopted unanimously by the Security Council, called on all states to take cooperative action to prevent trafficking in WMD.
Summary: Dubai customs organized a training program on the control of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) aiming to educate inspectors and other interested parties as how to identify the materials entering in the composition of WMD, store and deal with them.
Valencia forgot that PSI participants have already produced six bilateral agreements to facilitate WMD inspections at sea that "raise the percentage of vessels accessible to consent hoardings to well over half" (Doolin, p.
BAU-1 personnel offer services, including behaviorally oriented investigative assistance in counterterrorism matters, threat assessment/textual analysis, WMD, extortions, product tampering, arson and bombing matters, and stalking cases, to the FBI; other international, federal, state, and local law enforcement and intelligence agencies; and the military.
WMD Machete is a novel written in the style of a memoir.
Curveball,'' the most pivotal Iraqi WMD liar, could not be firmly connected to the INC, but same difference.
However, confusion resulting from a lack of guidance on the types of non-WMD missions the CSTs can conduct to prepare for their WMD terrorism mission could impede coordination between state authorities and local emergency management officials on the appropriate use of the CSTs.
Avoiding the abyss; progress, shortfalls, and the way ahead in combating the WMD threat.