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This acquisition will be highly synergistic for us," said Adrian Shatku, UNIFI's founder and CEO, "because UNIFI and WIS have similar core businesses, networks, geographic compliments and customers, and combining the two will expand our footprint, yield operating cost savings and enable provision of higher quality services to the wholesale voice market.
Shatku noted that WIS is ranked by Telegeography as the 15th largest international carrier worldwide, the company offers a comprehensive portfolio of international voice, data and IP solutions to meet the needs of both fixed and mobile operators, on a network that includes more than 150 interconnections with mobile operators and Tier-1 carriers in 70 countries.
Under the deal, WIS will start providing high-speed Internet connection services Thursday on the strength of its radio technology and the optical fiber network in Fukuoka Prefecture, with a data transmission capacity of up to 2 megabits per second, it said.
WIS charges 1,980 yen a month to customers for the service.
The "Smart" WIS is an injection system that provides a limited and controlled water flow to the shredder.