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David and I look forward to his active participation in the continued turnaround and growth of US WATS.
The WATS program presents lively discussions on air transport operations and aircrew/maintenance training challenges from leading experts in the air transport training community.
The strategic partnership benefits both companies in the surging world telecommunications industry where carriers like US WATS and back-office-systems vendors like CTI Data Solutions must expand and integrate convergent multiple-services capabilities to remain competitive.
Brown, CEO, or Stephen Parker, Chairman of US WATS, 610-660-0100/
First, VisiTrac TSP publishes quarterly reports and presentations, VT Quarterly, designed to keep webmasters, advertisers and content providers up-to-date with what is happening in the WATS reporting marketplace.
As part of the Company's efforts to solidify its marketing focus and anticipate the demand for business call technology products and services, the Company announced the hiring of a key resource person who will fill the role of Vice President of Marketing of US WATS.
USW further alleges that CPG engaged in this wrongful conduct in an effort to assist AT&T's unlawful and anticompetitive efforts to drive resellers such as US WATS out of business, and that CPG conspired with and agreed to assist AT&T in return for the payment by AT&T to CPG of substantial discounts and credits.
Ward Schultz, the new Chief Financial Officer of the Company said, "Explosive growth like US WATS is experiencing is not often accompanied by increasing profitability in the early years of a company's development.
Under the terms of the agreement, GECCS will provide US WATS with access to the networks of major long distance carriers.