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a white person of Anglo-Saxon ancestry who belongs to a Protestant denomination

social or solitary hymenopterans typically having a slender body with the abdomen attached by a narrow stalk and having a formidable sting

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The virulence of this poison may be judged of from the fact that in half a minute I opened the mesh, and found a large wasp quite lifeless.
I once, however, saw in a hot-house in Shropshire a large female wasp caught in the irregular web of a quite small spider; and this spider, instead of cutting the web, most perseveringly continued to entangle the body, and especially the wings, of its prey.
He adds that the wasp, in order to find the road, every now and then made "demi-tours d'environ trois palmes.
She made her disdainful little grimace, drew up her head like a bird, then burst out laughing, and the tiny poniard disappeared as it had come, without Gringoire being able to see where the wasp concealed its sting.
Peckham have shown that the sting of the wasp is NOT UNERRING, as Fabre alleges, that the number of stings is NOT CONSTANT, that sometimes the caterpillar is NOT PARALYZED, and sometimes it is KILLED OUTRIGHT, and that THE DIFFERENT CIRCUMSTANCES DO NOT APPARENTLY MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE TO THE LARVA, which is not injured by slight movements of the caterpillar, nor by consuming food decomposed rather than fresh caterpillar.
I'm glad I was stung by the wasps after all," she said delightedly.
Like the wasps, before I finally went into winter quarters in November, I used to resort to the northeast side of Walden, which the sun, reflected from the pitch pine woods and the stony shore, made the fireside of the pond; it is so much pleasanter and wholesomer to be warmed by the sun while you can be, than by an artificial fire.
But Denmark-based ALK-Abell-, parent company of ALK Source Materials, wants the wasps alive and unsprayed because there's commercial value in wasp venom.
Scientists observing a queen and her offspring say the young were taking pages from their wasp leader's playbook, copying her behavior in situations where the insects were threatened.
Field work was conducted between May to November, 2015, which was the wasp active season.
How to remove a wasp nest Always get a professional to remove a nest.
Venom allergies can be life threatening, so those allergic to a wasp sting get a pass on "live and let live" for nests in bad locations.
Dr Seirian Sumner, a leading expert on wasps, said that the yellow jacket wasp - the black and yellow insect often seen buzzing around British gardens - eats 8kg of prey per hectare each season.
The app has an easy-to-use GPS mapping tool that allows the user to pin the location of a European wasp nest on public or private land.
The Wasp engine joins nearly 260 ASME landmarks around the world, only nine of them in Connecticut, including the Wright Flyer III in Dayton, Ohio, and the Hamilton Standard Hydromatic Propeller in Windsor Locks, Connecticut.