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Austrian architect and pioneer of modern architecture (1841-1918)


German composer of operas and inventor of the musical drama in which drama and spectacle and music are fused (1813-1883)

the music of Wagner

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Courtney Wagner was born in 1974 just a couple of years after the couple's second marriage.
There is no more question of what in Wagner is worth saving or condemning.
In "Wagner, Schumann, and the Lessons of Beethoven's Ninth," the author carefully examines the interplay and relationship between Wagner and Schumann, giving credence (as did Brahms) to the possibilities that Wagner was in fact significantly influenced by his relationship with Schumann in understanding the legacy of Beethoven's Ninth, and that quite possibly, "they worked it out together (p.
As Trippett demonstrates, Wagner was "subject to accusations of plagiarism as late as 1870" in the form of both "general imitation" and "specific hackwork" (p.
John Wagner concentrates his practice in corporate law, real estate, leasing, trusts and estates and elder law.
The reinforced presence in Miami will materially benefit Van Wagner's Florida-based blimp business, Van Wagner Airship Media, and fixed wing banner-towing business, Van Wagner Aerial Media, the buyer's president Mark Johnston, added.
For years Barenboim has linked Israel's informal ban on Wagner performance to the occupation of the West Bank, which he likens to the Nazi occupation of Europe.
The Israel Chamber Orchestra's concert in Wagner's hometown alongside the annual Bayreuth opera festival on Tuesday will mark the first time an Israeli orchestra has played Wagner in Germany, Nicolaus Richter, the head of Bayreuth city's cultural affairs department, said Monday.
Soon Ludwig had no alternative, and on 7 December he was forced to issue a decree requiring Wagner to leave the city immediately.
Simon Matthews wrote: "I think Wagner would make for a fun Xmas number 1, gotta be better than the alternative that one of the other contestants would bring out
The county will pay Wagner $162,908 in damages, according to terms of the settlement.
Berlin, July 27 (ANI): Descendants of famous German composer Richard Wagner have decided to reveal their family's proximity to Adolf Hitler.
The importance of the Greeks for Wagner has been well documented; here at last we have a definitive study of the fructifying presence of the Elizabethan playwright and his stage.
Alas, in Judge's production, little of what Wagner intended seems apparent.
David Wagner, The Poorhouse: America's Forgotten Institution.