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United States comedian and film actor (1880-1946)

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He liked the challenge of playing real-life people, taking on the roles of Mussolini, Rasputin, Pope John XXIII, Rudolph Hess, Pontius Pilate, Napoleon and W.
It was not easy to organize the resulting urban chaos that film comedian W.
Peppers, for God's sake, sporting Italian shades and flanked by the likes of Lenny Bruce, Marlon Brando, and W.
A new batch of beaks hot off the presses that take their inspiration from the likes of Goldilocks, W.
It's not the best idea to wait around until the child looks like W.
Similarly, a subliminal point was made by installing Watts's customized, ready-made Stamp Machine of 1960 (fifty cents dispensed the artist's own quirky W.
When the author bills himself as "The Contrary Farmer -- dean of American curmudgeons," one might expect crabby, bitter text from a W.
This was the world of vaudeville and its more vulgar cousin burlesque, where William Claude Dukenfield made his name - by changing it to W.
Irascible, iconoclastic, irreverent, and insanely funny, W.
If you watch Divine and Edith Massey exchanging pleasantries in their new mobile home, there is something so W.
The Swiss corporation Von Roll, which runs 256 incinerators worldwide, should have had W.
Among the stars he presented were Anna Held, Fanny Brice, Eddie Cantor, and W.
In the darkened auditorium of the Loew's Met theater in Brooklyn, I first watched and fell in love with the mechanics of laughter as practiced by a bulbous-nosed comedian named W.
Participants heard 4-second tape recordings of the voices of 25 famous male entertainers and politicians, including Johnny Carson, Maurice Chevalier and W.
1,500 full-length films and television shows from Worldvision Cinema that showcase early performances by many of today's Hollywood stars, including performances by Jackie Chan, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Demi Moore, John Wayne and W.