Vulpes vulpes

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the common Old World fox

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Cervus 3 Beaver Castor fiber 40 Fox Vulpes vulpes 4 Bear Ursus arctos 2 Hare Lepus europaeus 2 Polecat Mustela putorius 1 Marten Martes martes 2 Otter Lutra lutra 1 Rat Rattus rattus 6 Shrew Sorex araneus 4 Mole Talpa europaea 1 Water vole Arvicola terrestris 2 Unidentified mammal (cattle-sized) 803 Unidentified mammal (pig/sheep-sized) 757 Birds Domestic fowl Gallus gallus 22 Goose Anser anser 3 Mallard Anas platyrhynchos 1 Rook Corvus frugilegus 1 Unidentified bird 63 Note: excludes over 2000 fragments of small mammal bone flakes recovered through careful collection and sieving.
Decreased predation by Vulpes vulpes on the nests of Tringa glareola through the implementation of a predator control programme;
Comparison and quantification of carnivore diet by faecal analysis: a critique, with recommendations, based on a study of the fox Vulpes vulpes.
Other food items found in wolf diet were small rodents, medium-sized and small carnivores (such as the fox Vulpes vulpes, the racoon-dog Nyctereutes procyonoides, and animals from the Mustelidae family), birds, domestic animals (a dog and a cat in this case), and plants and berries.
Concentration of selected foreign substances in the tissues of fox Vulpes vulpes L.
Records for Ammospermophilus interpres, Geomys texensis and Vulpes vulpes represent range extensions.
On almost every island where this goose bred, fox farmers released arctic and red foxes (Alopex lagopus and Vulpes vulpes, respectively), leaving these non-native predators to fend for themselves.
An analysis using Bristol's reel foxes Vulpes vulpes as an example.
Differences in the capture rate of cage-trapped red foxes Vulpes vulpes and an evaluation of rabies control measures in Britain.
after a red fox, Vulpes vulpes, intrusion in the breeding area), and after a car passed nearby.