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Synonyms for vulnerability

the condition of being laid open to something undesirable or injurious

Synonyms for vulnerability

the state of being vulnerable or exposed


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DevPartner SecurityChecker helps efficiently achieve application security by automatically identifying security vulnerabilities through a combination of both white-box (code scanning and run-time analysis) and black-box (penetration testing) testing techniques and pinpoints the location of the vulnerability in source code.
Exposures are defined as all information that can be gathered remotely about a device, including vulnerabilities.
Hackers, however, have discovered vulnerabilities in the operating system software, especially computer systems that are used as web servers, and they have exploited these vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to computer systems.
TippingPoint's DVLabs consists of a large team of recognized internal TippingPoint researchers as well as over 400 researchers from its Zero Day Initiative (ZDI), an external research program launched in the summer of 2005 to enable the responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities and give TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System customers advanced protection for zero day threats.
With more than 30,000 security vulnerabilities catalogued, it has the largest vulnerability database in the world.
Products like Scuba by Imperva identify database vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses that can result in external data theft, internal abuse, and regulatory compliance issues.
The Determina Security Research Team has earned a great reputation for their ability to find and analyze complex vulnerabilities and threats," said Sandy Wilbourn, Vice President of Engineering.
More than 800 enterprises and government agencies, including AXA Financial, SunTrust, HSBC, Vodafone, Veterans Affairs and Dell rely on Watchfire to identify, report and help remediate security vulnerabilities.
This team collaborates extensively with hundreds of network security professionals in the open source community to research and validate new vulnerabilities and exploits.
a leading developer of security management solutions and creator of the popular and award-winning Nessus 3 vulnerability scanner, announced today the immediate general availability of a set of Nessus 3 plugins for detection of vulnerabilities common to SCADA networks.
TippingPoint's Zero Day Initiative Leads to Discovery and Patch of Vulnerabilities through Collaboration with Vendor; 3Com Protects Customers Before Flaws Disclosed Publicly
Security Leader Creates the First Free Resource Providing Detailed Information on All Zero-Day Vulnerabilities, Including Analysis, Archiving and Remediation Instructions
New Zero-Day and Client-Side Application Vulnerabilities Scan Available at https://sans20.
a leading developer of security management solutions and creator of the popular and award-winning Nessus vulnerability scanner today announced the implementation of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) CVSS scores to help organizations improve discovery of vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation efforts.
Add-on to Centennial Discovery[R] uncovers software and firmware vulnerabilities across the network for increased security -