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the Latin edition of the Bible translated from Hebrew and Greek mainly by St. Jerome at the end of the 4th century

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Note also for Newfoundland the article "Canon Barry," which is written in a way that suggests that association between the Vulgate Bible and Catholics was reasonably clear: Evening Telegram, 25 July 1921, 5.
Vieira's Livro is twelve complex manuscript chapters introducing his view of history yet to come that he based on the Vulgate Bible.
Since Geertgen was a brother or an associate of the Order of St John, he would probably have been able to read the Latin of the Vulgate Bible, and it may be assumed from Mabuse's pictures from Ovid that he too was a Latinist; but what evidence is there, in the absence of vernacular Bibles, that other painters, mostly unschooled, could read the Scriptures before the time of the Reformation?
Latin hymnody and the Vulgate Bible, classical and vernacular epic, troubadour lyric, nonconformist preaching, popular ballads, Chinese love songs, Scots dialect--all among other sources have made English poetry what it is.
Gutenberg printed the Latin Vulgate Bible, not a German translation.
Francis Schussler Fiorenza, professor of Roman Catholic studies at Harvard University, said Trent was concerned with maintaining the integrity of the official Catholic Vulgate Bible.
On one hand, the melodies of sequences in many sources carry a Latin text, intensely coloured by the Vulgate Bible and by the rich tradition of Christian Latinity.
The Vulgate Bible is now considered a masterpiece of inculturation.
We learn from the histories of the house that, after becoming abbot of the twin foundation of Monkwearmouth and Jarrow in 6go, Ceolfrith ordered three great pandects of the Vulgate bible to be made.
In the Illuminated Manuscripts, Rare Books and Maps section the Biblia Latina, a complete illuminated vellum copy of the fourth edition of the Vulgate Bible, 1462, on the stand of Heribert Tenschert, Ramsen and Rotthalmunster, brought many serious enquiries, while in the Haute Joaillerie du Monde section, Gianmaria Buccellati, Milan, reported many sales and Graff, London, reported enormous interest in their 'Star of America' diamond, on sale for $20 million.