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any plant of the genus Amorphophallus

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CAUSING A STINK The voodoo lily at the National Botanic Garden
The 3 1/2 ft high plant goes by many names, including Devil's Tongue and Elephant Yam, although Voodoo Lily is the most popular.
Voodoo lily corms, by contrast, can grow as large as basketballs and weigh up to 100 pounds.
But for all its unique beauty and olfactory insult, a third characteristic of the voodoo lily has kept botanists intrigued for more than 200 years.
They say plants such as the voodoo lily, Sauromatum guttatum, promise a better understanding of plant hormone systems involved in flowring -- an important area of botany still in its infancy.
The voodoo lily is "a wonderful, wonderful botanical guinea pig," says Meeuse, a botanist at the University of Washington in Seattle.
Among those closely related to the voodoo lily -- and most familiar to North American houseplant collectors -- are members of the genuses Dieffenbachia, Philodendron and Monstera.
With most thermogenic plants native to the tropics (the voodoo lily itself is Southeast Asian), their incentive to produce heat has long puzzled botanists.
But experiments have revealed that thermogenicity is valuable indeed -- at least in the voodoo lily and its closest relatives, known collectively as arum lilies.
But the voodoo lily and other thermogenic plants feature an alternative electron-transfer pathway, which bypasses most of the classical steps that lead to storage of starch-derived energy in high-energy bonds.
4m Mr Prospector colt out of stakes winner Voodoo Lily, by Baldski, who also came from the Lane's End consignment.