stored program

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a program that is stored in the memory of the computer that executes it

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Returning to Britain after his time at Princeton, Turing worked on another project to build a computer that used these concepts, called the Automatic Computing Engine (ACE), and pioneered the idea of a stored memory machine, which would become a vital part of the Von Neumann architecture.
This ideal is premised on advanced VLSI technology, emphasizes real-time processing and cost-performance, and is aimed at the ultimate realization of the von Neumann architecture.
Both microcontrollers are designed with the von Neumann architecture.
This technology has the potential to replace traditional Von Neumann architectures and promises to increase computer power by 100 to 1 million times in certain applications.
Dramatically different from traditional software, IBM's new programming model breaks the mold of sequential operation underlying today's von Neumann architectures and computers.