stored program

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a program that is stored in the memory of the computer that executes it

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Unlike von Neumann architecture, TrueNorth's computation, memory and communication are integrated, which results in a cool operating environment (allowing the chips to be stacked) and low power operation.
Returning to Britain after his time at Princeton, Turing worked on another project to build a computer that used these concepts, called the Automatic Computing Engine (ACE), and pioneered the idea of a stored memory machine, which would become a vital part of the Von Neumann architecture.
This two-part design, with memory on one side and processing on the other, is called a von Neumann architecture and is the basic design of almost all computers built today.
The first computers, developed in the late 1940s and early 1950s, implemented the Von Neumann architecture.
To bridge the divide, IBM scientists created something that didn t previously exist an entirely new neuroscience-inspired scalable and efficient computer architecture that breaks path with the prevailing von Neumann architecture used almost universally since 1946.