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Ultimately, the war shaped the country and molded the legacy of the Volunteer State.
Tennessee tragedies; natural, technological, and societal disasters in the Volunteer State.
After years of discussion and lobbying by the Tennessee captive industry, the Volunteer State has finally updated its old captive law to make the domicile competitive with many of the industry's domiciles.
The Volunteer State is the nickname most commonly associated with our state.
PDI 2010 was originally slated to be held in Nashville, Tennessee, the Volunteer State.
The 5 MW plant constructed over a 30 acre land is a component in the Volunteer State Solar Initiative, which includes Tennessee Solar Institute at UT formed by Governor Phil Bredesen and accepts funding from American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
He also has held various offices for the Volunteer State Chapter, including serving as president in 1999.
Last year alone hunters in the Volunteer State gave over 70,000 pounds of game, and the Federation reports that since the program's start over 1.
The hunt was a testament to the cooperative work of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, state conservation groups and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to restore the long-extirpated elk to the Volunteer State.
Its branches in the Volunteer State are called Tennessee Bank & Trust.
This is why I personally prize my membership in the War Eagle Society and now being a volunteer state representative for Louisiana.
I think what happens is the kids who are doing it tell their buddies, and it kind of snowballs," said Greg Lucas, SCTP volunteer state director.
The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce's Partnership 2010 teamed up with the Tennessee Valley Authority to draft a set of incentives, including low-interest loans, training and energy credits, that would entice Amsino to stay in the Volunteer State.
Revenuers look for anyone with Tennessee tags buying cigarettes and call ahead to officers in the Volunteer State, who can arrest the miscreants after they cross back into the state.
JUST TWO YEARS after overhauling the state's ethics laws, some Volunteer State lawmakers are now whining that they cannot dine--and they're looking for ways to loosen the rules.
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