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a unit of potential equal to the potential difference between two points on a conductor carrying a current of 1 ampere when the power dissipated between the two points is 1 watt

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General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) loses as much as $49,000 per Chevy Volt it builds, according to one news organization's report, but the report is not as self-evidently accurate as it may first appear.
Any spike greater than 1 volt confuses the logic--the microprocessor being read as a 1 rather than a 0," says Mechanic.
The BA 8180/U is a 12/24 volt 800 watt-hour, 56Ah primary (non-rechargeable) zinc-air battery pack.
of problems for the automotive industry, including giving time for suppliers, who are not yet ready with all 42 volt components, to design and test them.
This would cause a resultant emf of aver 2 volts to act where normally only a very smell traction of a volt is present.
Non-regenerative AC Drives: These are defined as digital AC drives with an input AC voltage between 110 Volts to 230 Volts AC (Single phase with output rating between 1/6 HP to 4 HP) and 230 Volts to 690 Volts (Three phase with output rating between 1/6 HP to 7500 HP).
The Volt represented a completely new classification of electric vehicles, and we were unsure of how people would react or how this vehicle would fit in their daily lives, said Darin Gesse, Volt product manager.
Volt owners are doing more than 63 percent of their overall driving in EV mode.
They have a high isolation of 2,500 volts to eliminate electrostatic shielding (ESS) with an asymmetric design.
These enhanced functions allow PRO-E units to continue running in AC mode from 75 to 145 volts without resorting to the battery.
The new series is designed to meet operational insulation, 1500 volts DC isolation and is optimized for frequencies between 200-500 kHz.
8 volts, and the fastest operation for a level-shifting device demonstrate the superior performance of AUC technology and the company's drive to help spearhead AUC evolution.
8 volts, drawing nearly 40 percent less power than the industry's previous low-power leader.