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a group of Finnic languages spoken around the Volga river

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Further cognates, including artefacts / cultural items, body parts and verbs, can be found in Hungarian and Volgaic languages (SKES).
The development of non-finite forms into finite forms was addressed in more detail by Iris Metsmagi's presentation "Verb forms of non-finite origin in personal paradigms of Finnic, Saami and Volgaic languages".
However, the traces of the 3P verbal marker *-sV exist also in those Volgaic and Permic languages that lack a separate definite conjugation--in Mari, Komi and Udmurt (see also Kortvely 2005 : 30-31).
In Volgaic, Permic, Ob-Ugric and Samoyedic both the 3P and 2P possessive suffixes are used in the non-personal definitive function.
Thus, it looks as if the occurrence of back-vocal variants of Proto-Uralic/ Proto-Finno-Ugric/Proto-Samoyedic reconstructions under observation would only contain back-vocal variants of Volgaic and Permic negative auxiliary verbs.
The first and last significant landmarks in the academic career of Ferdinand Johann Wiedemann were grammars of the Permic and Volgaic languages.
In case of the 3Px in Finno-Ugric languages, such use is supposed to be clearly observable in Volgaic, Permic and Ob-Ugric languages; the same languages display a somewhat less productive use of the 2Px (OCHOBbl 1974 : 270-271.