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a computerized system for answering and routing telephone calls


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Horn told the story of how her father unexpectedly passed away, and although she was too emotionally fragile at first to talk on the phone about it, the many voicemails she received were of great comfort to her, and more valuable because she could return to them whenever she wanted.
As part of the ongoing commitment to provide quality service to customers, GTA announced today that it will be upgrading its voicemail service for landline and wireless subscribers.
Upon completing the activation, other provider's voicemails will appear in the user's YouMail inbox, integrated with mobile phone voicemail, and users will have access to the key YouMail features, including access to voicemails via the mobile applications and website, voicemail sharing or automated spam filtering.
Replying to voicemails is easy and convenient for T-Mobile customers, with the ability to respond via text message virtually anytime, anywhere.
Yap provides free voicemail-to-text service for Android phones allowing voicemails to arrive on the phone converted to text.
Our new voicemail to text service saves small businesses a tremendous amount of time by allowing them to quickly scan the contents of voicemails wherever they may be, helping them prioritize messages that need to be acted on right away in order to maximize their productivity.
com), the premier mobile consumer voicemail service, today announced the availability of YouMail DropBox, a service that enables anyone using a VOIP voicemail service featuring e-mail delivery to take advantage of YouMail's free Visual Voicemail Plus applications for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android smart phones as well as YouMail's premium services that provide near-perfect voicemail transcription.
YouMail remains committed to adding value to its basic service, so in addition to the opt-in transcription services, YouMail users can activate the Read-It Free plan at no charge, which is fast automated transcription of voicemails from a pre-determined contact, like a significant other, or a limited number of messages in a given month.
com), the mobile industry's premier consumer voicemail service, today announced a partnership with SmartCall, LLC dba Ismart Mobile (http://www.
In addition, users have the ability to receive transcriptions of the voicemails sent in e-mail or text messages.
com), the mobile industry's premier consumer voicemail service, today announced a new transcription capability that will enable users to receive voicemails converted to text.
Offered through carriers, the service uses Nuance's world-leading speech recognition and transcription workflow solutions to convert voicemails left on any voicemail box into text.
Enhancing the handset's embedded solution with CallWave Virtual Voicemail, iPhone users will be able to read voicemails - as new voicemails are received, users will receive immediate CallWave Vtxt voicemail-to-text "gist" transcriptions, sent to the iPhone in one SMS.
SpinVox service converts voicemails to text messages for convenient viewing and response