gelatin dessert

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jellied dessert made with gelatin and fruit juice or water

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We have a mojito - zingy lime cakes with a lime and fresh mint vodka jelly shot in the middle with a fresh lime and mint frosting.
The sweetest array of cupcakes are temptingly laid out with everything from vanilla, chocolate, Turkish Delight and cherry bakewell varieties to lemon meringue and even an apple vodka jelly filling.
Surf Wax & Vodka Jelly is a Bridget Jones style diarisation of 18-year-old Josie's first year at university, complete with crazy flat mates, scary lecturers and unrequited love interests.
We made a bucket of vodka jelly, someone got their TV stolen and I snogged two of my male housemates and couldn't look them in the eye for the rest of the year.
Karen, from West Monkseaton, had brought along 350 cakes in flavours like cherry bakewell, strawberry, and apple vodka jelly.
The court was told she danced on a roof of the flat in Goswell Road, Angel, at her birthday party after knocking back vodka jelly and wine and then suffered horrific injuries when she fell through a skylight.
Vodka jelly is always fun and, followed by a few limited edition cranberry Bacardi Breezers, Marj and I were having a nice day.
And try these ideas too: make Vodka Jelly Babies, by freezing Jelly Babies in vodka and using as ice cubes in drinks.
In the spirit of birthday parties,guests were fed fish and chip dinners and vodka jelly and ice cream.
A JUDGE has thrown out a compensation claim made by a "highly intelligent" woman who knocked back wine and vodka jelly before falling through a skylight.
Of course, you can be the class rebel and not turn up in uniform, but then you'll miss out on your free vodka jelly and the chance to win a backstage pass to meet pop band Girls Aloud, who will be performing on Saturday.