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On the economic product of this cat, Watt notes "Civet, the unctuous, highly odorous secretion from the anal glands of several of the VIVERRIDAE, especially Viverra zibetha, and Viverricula malaccensis, is used to a considerable extent in India, both for perfumery and for medicinal purposes.
Less is known about the Neogene fossil record of the Viverridae and Stenoplesictinae.
VIV zoo-keepers' slang for a viverried, a small carnivorous mammal of the Viverridae family.
All carnivorous mammals of the family Viverridae, including civet, mongoose, genet, binturong, fossa, linsang, and suricate.
The host range for CDV is broad, and infection has been found in several mammalian species of the families Canidae, Mustelidae, Procyonidae, Ursidae, and Viverridae (2).
Mongooses are carnivores, members of the family Herpestidae (until recently, they were considered to be Viverridae, along with, e.