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a bitter cyanogenic glucoside extracted from the seeds of apricots and plums and bitter almonds

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Eventually, it was labeled and accepted as vitamin B17 by two highly respected scientific researchers, Dean Burk, Ph.
I believe nutrition is used all over the world to help cancer patients and Vitamin B17 is one of those nutrients that may be helpful in the overall treatment of cancer.
Mr Price is flogging a month's supply of 240 vitamin B17 tablets to cancer patients for EUR215.
Elderberry jam/jelly contains many vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin B17.
Laetrile--also called amygdalin or vitamin B17, though not an official vitamin--is a natural substance extracted from apricot pits that's been a popular underground treatment for cancer for decades.
Mr Day's theory is that by taking Vitamin B17, a substance commonly found in apricots, peaches and plums, you can prevent and cure the disease.
According to Cancer Research UK, vitamin B17, also known as laetrile, contains cyanide, and can cause serious side-effects.