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the right granted by a court to a parent (or other relative) who is deprived of custody of a child to visit the child on a regular basis

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It is further argued that the current perception of visitation rights as parental rights and the attempts to resolve the dilemmas prompted by visitation within a parental rights context thwart the development of a theory of visitation.
EDEK deputy Koula Mavronikola said that in cases of ignoring court orders over visitation rights it can take two years for the court to reach a decision, whereas when it comes to alimony the non-compliant parent is jailed instantly.
Oran also asked why unlimited visitation rights were granted to BaryE- GE-ler and Kaan Ecay-layan, the sons of the two ministers, when other prisoners, such as those in Silivri Prison, have no such privileges.
services in order to contract training orders in the area Family - Child - Youth lot 3: Visitation rights in child protection.
The Legislature has taken up a bill that would increase the number of extended-family members who can sue for visitation rights if they believe a parent has put a child's well-being at risk.
Further, the 25 prisoners called on the government to act immediately to secure monthly, regular and constant visitation rights by their families and send a medical team to check on all prisoners.
He decided he didn't want to sign what we'd agreed - things like visitation rights and child support.
Spears locked herself in a room of her house with one of her sons and refused to turn him over to her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, who had been granted visitation rights and was supposed to pick the children up that night at 7 p.
3) In the latest clash over grandparent visitation rights, Floridians who are activated, deployed, or temporarily assigned to military service can now designate to grandparents their timesharing rights over the objections of a fit parent.
Mission: Impossible star Cruise, 50, who won "generous" visitation rights, was said to have been blindsided by his third wife's decision to file for divorce.
Mission Impossible star Cruise, 50, who won "generous" visitation rights, was said to have been blindsided by his third wife's decision to file for divorce.
The arrangement is believed to allow him "generous" visitation rights.
The resolution further called on Israel to see administrative detention as an exceptional measure, to respect the international treaty concerning the rights of the child, to facilitate visitation rights, and to return the bodies of deceased Palestinian citizens.
arguing that such moves impinge on their visitation rights.
CAIRO: Khalid Dinnawi says that since he and his wife agreed to divorce, his visitation rights only allow him to spend three hours a week with his four-year-old daughter.