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a member of the western group of Goths who sacked Rome and created a kingdom in present-day Spain and southern France

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And though shrewder emperors had formerly welcomed such peoples and drew upon their strengths, O'Donnell writes that after Adrianople "the Visigoths inside the empire now felt no particular loyalty to the hand that had first failed to feed them and then tried to smite them, only to finally prove itself both weak and vacillating.
Ruled in turn by the Romans, Visigoths, Franks, Moors, French and sometime in the 11th century by Guillem el VellEs (William the Hairy), it is every bit worth the two hours we spend walking up and down the magnificent L-shaped fortified bridge (pairs of cisne/swans swimming blissfully in the lake below) and licking lemon ice cream at the Placa de la Llibertat.
Located on a plain that connects Europe to the Iberian Peninsula, Narbonne was an important city in the early centuries of the Common Era, fought over and controlled at various times by Romans, Visigoths and, from 719 to 759, the Saracens--as the Christians of that era called Muslims.
In early 400 CE, Visigoths arrived and developed the habit of taking materials from the Trophy for their own use.
It is also home to the grand Cite de Carcassonne, a fortress which boasts 2,500 years of history, having seen the Romans, Visigoths, Saracens and Crusaders pass through.
SHORT Roderick, King of the Visigoths, died in 712 when he drowned after falling from his horse.
The fourth considers material and popular culture, and the final section concerns relationships on the frontiers: Vandal Africa, the Suani of the Causasus, and the Visigoths in Gaul.
La these d'OlagE-e est que l'islamisation de l'Espagne ne fut pas une invasion armee mais une diffusion culturelle par laquelle les hispano-romains adopteront la culture la plus avancee de l'epoque, qui etait l'islam, en la preferant a la barbarie des visigoths et d'autres des envahisseurs du nord europeen.
These include the presence in the area of Alaric and the Visigoths between AD 397 and 401, the shift in power to the East caused by the removal of an usurper and the installation of Valentinian III as ruler in the West by an imperial expedition in AD 425.
Rome was sacked first by the Gauls, and then by the Visigoths in 410 A.
Established in 218BC by Cneus Cornelius Scipio as a winter camp for his army, it fell in the fifth century to the Visigoths, in the eighth to the Moors and in the 12th to the Christians.
Ancient Rome was also oblivious to its mistakes until the Visigoths came for a visit in the year 410.
Absolute Monarchs sprawls across Europe and the Levant, over two millenniums, and with an impossibly immense cast: 265 popes (plus various usurpers and antipopes), feral hordes of Vandals, Huns and Visigoths, expansionist emperors, Byzantine intriguers, Borgias and Medicis, heretic zealots, conspiring clerics, bestial inquisitors and more.
The sun shines bright on this 90-mile stretch of Mediterranean seaside villages that has been--for nearly three millennia--the summer playground for Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Visigoths, Moors, and Spaniards.