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a member of the western group of Goths who sacked Rome and created a kingdom in present-day Spain and southern France

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not only has been copied, but also reproduced in Visigothic script with its colors and with the same Visigothic notation and rough parchment, so similar to the original that I was told it would be necessary to put a certification as to which is the original, and which the copy, so that later on there will be no doubt when the parchment of the copy becomes tarnished by time and handling" (quoted by Boynton, p.
This primarily refers to relatively peaceful Visigothic rule in Hispania where strong church hierarchy was retained taking care of not only preservation but also development of ancient culture.
I like to think of Ladino as a living tree, with its roots roughly two thousand years ago in the Eastern Mediterranean (Israel, Greece, Italy), its trunk passing through the Iberian Peninsula as the Roman, Visigothic, Muslim, and Christian dominions over the Jews succeed each other up to 1492, and its branches, which have grown over the last five hundred years, splaying out over north-western Europe, bending back to Italy, the Balkans and Greece, west to the New World, and bending south and east to the Maghreb and back again to Istanbul mad Turkey, and now Israel.
Fernandez Morera provides an array of historical facts and insightful arguments that demonstrate how the influence went in the other direction: it was the Romanized Visigothic kingdom, defeated and obliterated by Islamic invaders, which furnished the inspiration and the elements of the cultural achievements of the latter--including both the materials and the key architectural features of the fiimous mosque in Cordoba.
A total of 115 searches were made and some 6,000 Roman and medieval coins, arrowheads, Roman brooches, Visigothic personal adornments, as well as inscribed Arabic stelai.
These narratives depict a pristine time of Visigothic control of the Iberian Peninsula, before a "fall" to Muslim invaders, and a "redemption" by Christian heroes.
But like many other members of the human race I have from the cradle grown to abhor everything that pertains to the England soccer team - the xenophobic, hubristic and supremacist fervour of the media, the post-imperialist superiority complex of the fans and perhaps above all the fatuous expectation that the other home nations should join with them in their visigothic quest to conquer the world.
In their turn those horseshoe arches had been borrowed from earlier Visigothic architecture of the Iberian peninsula.
In a 32-year reign he defeated the last Roman governor and conquered Roman and Visigothic Gaul, and transformed it into the Kingdom of the Franks - later known as France.
5) During the fight against the moors, official discourse often linked Christian Spaniards to the Visigoths: "In the late fifteenth century, the Visigothic period in Spain was seen as an exemplary time of unitary Christian rule.
In April 711, the Moor general Tariq ibn Ziyad landed at Gibraltar en route to victory at the Battle of Guadalete and the conquest of the Visigothic Kingdom.
Across Europe, from Italy, France, England, and Sweden to Spain, antiquarians looked to prove that ancient or medieval historical figures--in this case, Visigothic kings--were pioneers of national political entities.
In the 9th century, a Visigothic aristocrat named Witiza was called upon by the church to revive monasticism and impose uniformity throughout the Carolingian Empire.
As if to emphasize the current re-framing of the mosque as an interruption in the intrinsic Christian nature of the site, part of the floor has been permanently exposed, a large plexiglass window revealing the excavated floor of the old Visigothic church below.