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a member of the western group of Goths who sacked Rome and created a kingdom in present-day Spain and southern France

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Ibn al-Qutiya describes himself as the descendant of the last legitimate Visigoth king, Witiza via his son Almund and his granddaughter Sara.
Small wonder, then, that the Jews of Spain received the Moors as liberators and spared no effort to help them bring down the Visigoth oppressors.
And if I may digress, those lovable pelt-dad pillagers in the Capitol One commercials are actually Visigoths and not Vikings, in case anybody asks.
The name of the largest bell in the tower, "la Wamba" (I: 94-95), which is ringing throughout the city as the story opens, bears the same name of the legendary Visigoth king whose untimely removal in 680 A.
By the mid-eighth century, Arab armies had subjugated the Persian Empire, drastically reduced the size of the Byzantine Empire, and eliminated the Visigoth kingdom of Spain.
Actually it was more like a Visigoth raid than a party crash, Maureen had been dating some guys who were naval academy cadets, and Bob and I sort of livened up the party, and in the process drove them off.
I recently finished `The Arab Conquest of Spain, 710-797' by Roger Collins, because the heroine of one of my `dark ages' manuscripts is a Visigoth from the Kingdom of Asturia, circa 750 A.
The musical, set in eighth-century Visigoth Spain, is based on Mrs.
In 410, Alaric the Visigoth sacked Rome when Innocent was away and kept this pope from returning home for two years.
And (to judge from my phone, which has been ringing off the hook with calls from long-lost Visigoth friends) not the pasts of others who actually organized and took part in the takeover of University Hall and other events of that spring.
Pepper was in such demand that Alaric, the Visigoth king, demanded three thousand pounds of pepper as part of the ransom for not looting Rome in A.
I also happened to be team leader on the roof last month when we had occasion to try the system during the Visigoth attack, about which so much has been written.
at the Capital One Bank Visigoth Ice Village, just outside the box office entrance of the Nassau Coliseum.
Part III: Large-Scale Systems in Local and Regional Perspective' commences with Santiago Castellanos's chapter on the adaptation of the late Roman tax system by Visigoth kings.