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5 percent vote against the measure, which would have halted the ``safe seats'' scam that has a vise grip on elections in California, was a reminder that you can fool quite a few of the people at least some of the time.
For a company with annual sales exceeding $14 billion, and one that already has a vise grip on 52 percent of the domestic beer market, it's just the first step toward expanding its 10 percent share of the global market.
Between Cafe du Nord, the Hi-ball Lounge, Top of the Mark and other venues, on any night of the week retro cats can shake their hats to local sultans of swing including ex-punkers like Vise Grip as well as such genuine throwbacks as Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers.
Recent experience indicates that a third option, trading on a personalized operation, may be another way to go for many independents who are caught in the vise grip of rapid market change.
The Red Lions put the Generals in a vise grip limiting EAC to just 17 attempts at the basket, with only nine getting through the cylinder.
Tenders are invited for purchase of disaster management kit i) Axe(medium) ii) Hydrant key iii) Spanner wrench iv) Pry bar v) Vise grip vi) Gas shut- off gear
As the illustrations show, I used a padded vise grip as a means of compressing the rear end of the mainspring after carefully placing the lateral retaining fingers under the hammer.
And it puts a vise grip on local businesses that rely heavily on freight and fuel, such as distributors and manufacturers.
We support the a la carte option precisely because it will loosen the vise grip media conglomerates now have over whether independent and minority-owned programming makes it onto the expanded basic tier.
Long ago I perfected my own method; it consisted of a vise grip and clamping onto the notched cocking piece that protrudes about 1/8" from the bottom of the bolt shroud.
Perpetual had a vise grip on Ateneo, limiting the Blue Eagles to 31 percent shooting from the field, 17-of-55.