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Synonyms for Vireonidae

small insectivorous American songbirds

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Cathartidae 3% Columbidae 5% Trochilidae 3% Picidae 8% Turdidae 3% Thraupidae 3% Accipitridae 3% Cuculidae 3% Trogonidae 3% Ty ranidae 8% Mimidae 11% Emberizidae 5% Falconidae 5% Caprimulgidae 3% Todidae 14% Vireonidae 5% Parulidae 8% Icteridae 8% Nota: Tabla derivada de grafico segmentado.
ludovicianus Linnaeus, I R loggerhead shrike Family Vireonidae (vireos) Vireo bellii Audubon, Bell's vireo W R V.
1978); prevalences of all hematozoans together in tropical Vireonidae were 34% (White et al.
5 204 I, A, G B 2 Ramphocaenus rufiventris R 10 SM 22 440 I, A, G A 2 Polioptila plumbea R 7 SM 14 196 I, A, S B 3 Turdinae Catharus minimus M 27 MN + O, A, G/S Catharus ustulatus M 30 MN + O, A, G/S Hylocichla mustelina M 46 MN 4 184 I, T, G 1 Turdus assimilis M 68 VO + O, A, G/S Vireonidae Vireo flavifrons M 18 SM 0.
Despite the wide occurrence of species of Trouessartia in association with around ten previously documented families of Passeriformes in the country, their occurrence in the families Rhynchocyclidae and Vireonidae were hitherto unknown, and widens the knowledge of their host groups.
Notes on the birds of central Oaxaca, Part II: Columbidae to Vireonidae.
Familia Vireonidae Vireo olivaceus (Vieillot) (chivi comun).
Genetic evidence for relationships in the avian family Vireonidae.
Las especies identificadas pertenecieron a seis familias: Parulidae, Tyrannidae, Cardinalidae, Turdidae, Vireonidae y Caprimulgidae, donde aquella con mayor numero de registros fue Parulidae (Tabla 1).