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is a mystery, but it is possible that nocturnal predation on this species in pitfall traps by large colubrids or viperids, or perhaps other mammals explains the low numbers of this cricetid mouse.
Surgical technique for isolation of the main venom gland of viperid, crotalid and elapid snakes.
The Namaqua dwarf adder is a small (mean adult total length 214 mm; mean adult mass 14 g) viperid snake that occurs along the west coast of southern Africa (Fig.
melanoleucus) and the viperid snake, Agkistrodon piscivorus (Johnson et al.
Evidence of prey luring exists for numerous species of viperid, clapid, and boid snakes as well as six colubrids.
The venom will contain 90% dry weight protein, composing enzymes, polypeptides, free amino acids 80-90%, viperid and 25-70% elapid.
Three-finger toxins, non-enzymatic proteins of 60-74 amino acid residues, were thought to be present only in elapid venoms, but their presence was recently demonstrated in colubrid and viperid venoms as well (Doley et al.
The viperid snake Azemiops: Its comparative cephalic anatomy and phylogenetic position in relation to Viperinae and Crotalinae.
Relationship of Temperature to Activity Patterns-- Detailed studies on thermal ecology of snakes have dealt almost entirely with diurnal snakes such as Thamnophis (Scott, 1978; Peterson, 1982; Stevenson, 1983; Gregory, 1990), Coluber, and Masticophis (Hammerson, 1979), or are based on studies of colubrid or viperid taxa (Jacob and Painter, 1980; Sanders and Jacob, 1981; Graves and Duvall, 1987; Goode and Duvall, 1989).