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United States jurist who served as chief justice of the Supreme Court (1890-1953)

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Hawkins said the United States currently has 11 active aircraft carriers and Carl Vinson is one of them.
We are operating," Rear Admiral John Fuller told reporters aboard Carl Vinson.
Owensby was the husband of Celena Vinson, the biological mother of Nick and his 15-year-old brother Kyle.
Vinson said she loves movies made during that decade because "it touches the heart.
Detective McCord also explained that Vinson had advanced burglary techniques, and that he may have been responsible for dozens of break-ins in the area.
He said at that time in the early 1970s the term entrepreneur was seen as a bit of an ugly word - amusingly from the French, the literal translation of it is "undertaker", something lamented by Joseph, a good friend of Vinson for who he was best man while staging his wedding reception at his Northumberland estate.
Father Malik said: "The twins summitted Vinson at about 4 pm on December 16 local time (early morning Dec 17 IST).
Vinson was one of the more than 70 medical personnel who were involved in the care of Thomas Eric Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.
In a prepared statement read to reporters, Vinson, 29, thanked the hospital staff for their "skill, warmth, and care.
He handles items given by someone in protective clothing who has just touched US nurse Amber Vinson, 29, then joins staff on the plane at Dallas, Texas.
Dallas nurse Amber Vinson -- the second health care worker at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital to contract the disease while treating a Liberian man who died at the facility after traveling to West Africa -- flew home to Dallas from Cleveland's Hopkins International Airport on Oct.
Frieden said on Wednesday that Vinson should not have gotten on the plane, but a federal official later said she had contacted the CDC and was not prevented from boarding.
The navy said only that the Carl Vinson is "underway in the US 7th Fleet area of responsibility supporting security and stability in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.
Johnny Vinson, the rancher, says a 345-kilovolt power line stretching across the northwest corner of his ranch should run where the commission originally ordered: 150 feet north of where it does, atop an older, 69-kilovolt line.
CASE REPORT: 41 year old female who was a known case of Plummer Vinson syndrome on constant follow up and iron supplementation presented to us with complaints of dysphagia to solids since 2 months, generalised weakness, easy fatigability, decreased appetite and lesions over the angle of the mouth.