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British historian (born in Russia) (1854-1925)

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VINOGRADOFF, P: <<Foundations of Society (Origins of Feudalism)>>, en The Cambridge Medieval History Vol.
Vinogradoff, Paul (1992), Introduccion al derecho, Mexico, Fondo de Cultura Economica.
Un auteur, Paul Vinogradoff, ira d'ailleurs jusqu'a s'expliquer dans une premiere note au sujet de ses vues non-orthodoxes :
van Hees PAW, Vinogradoff SI, Edwards AC, Godbold DL, Jones DL (2003) Low molecular weight organic acid adsorption in forest soils: effects on soil solution concentrations and biodegradation rates.
Charles Bisol of Lake Park Florida, formerly of Leominster, received the French Legion of Honor from French Consul General Philippe Vinogradoff in October.
lt;/pre> <p>Sir Paul Vinogradoff, The Roman Elements in Bracton's Treatise, 32 YALE L.
We are fortunate to have the knowledge of our volunteer tutor, Shirley Vinogradoff who has helped both of them to realise their talent.
Julian Vinogradoff, the daughter of Ottoline Morrell, gave me her childhood impressions of Mansfield at Garsington and on the French Riviera.
M degree to Russian students successfully completing its courses in Moscow, and publish a quarterly law review in English with the Vinogradoff Institute, University College London.
We don't forget what you did 80 years ago,'' said Deputy Consul General Philippe Vinogradoff.
Barbour the History of Contract in Early English Equity, in 4 Oxford Studies in Social and Legal History 1, 147-49 (Paul Vinogradoff ed.
Food-gift as a Celtic institution taken over by the Anglo-Saxons is a concept familiar to historians since the days of Vinogradoff.
Vinogradoff judged that the Black Death "undoubtedly accentuated the tendencies in course of development, but it neither originated them nor has it materially affected their course".
Maine (1965) ya destaco hace tiempo que las relaciones de propiedad son relaciones entre personas, luego en referencia a las cosas, y no relaciones entre las personas y las cosas (ver tambien Vinogradoff, 1913: 68; Gluckman, 1959).
Paul Vinogradoff, Reason and Conscience in Sixteenth Century Jurisprudence, 24 L.