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Synonyms for vignette

a brief literary description


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a photograph whose edges shade off gradually

a small illustrative sketch (as sometimes placed at the beginning of chapters in books)

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Le tableau du Tintoret ne semble pas avoir ete remplace puisque les archives de ce dossier contiennent des lettres de lecteurs du dictionnaire qui expriment a Vinette leur etonnement de l'avoir rencontre dans l'exemplaire qu'ils ont achete.
HOPE SPRINGS: Sian Reeves, Alex Kingston, Christine Bottomley and Vinette Robinson
With Michelle Butterly (Doll Williamson, Poor Woman), Ian Drysdale (John Lincoln, Luggins), Nigel Betts (George Betts, Randall, Wit), Nigel Cooke (Sir Thomas More), Keith Osborne (Suresby, Sir John Munday, Bishop of Rochester), Peter Bramhill (Lifter, Kit, Lady Vanity, Downes),Julian Stolzenberg (Smart, Robin, Master Roper),Jon Foster (Recorder, Harry, Sheriff, Clerk, Catesby) Geoffrey Freshwater (Sir Roger Cholmley, Erasmus, Inclination), Vinette Robinson (Lady Roper), Teresa Banham (Lady More), and others.
69) Certains echouent lamentablement (comme dans Vinette c.
Their songs are not particularly memorable but delivered at full force by performers like Vinette Cowan.
Perles de cuivre cuivre natif Hors structure 2 Tessons de poterie Vinette I ceramique Hors structure 5
Vinette, CAE, President, Canadian Soft Drink Association, Toronto, Ontario
The first time that I saw theater that really got me was when I saw Vinette Carroll playing at Yale in 1950.
How It Works," Ivan Lawyer, Florida Business and Industry Recycling Program (BIRP); Lorrie Parker, Solid Waste Utility, Seattle; "A Packager's Commitment to Recycling," Joe Kittelson, Recycle Indiana Resources; and "Recycling Movements and Laws in Foreign Markets," Paulette Vinette, Canadian Soft Drink Association; Vince Monterola, C-C Bottlers Ltd.
Vinette Jones, 53, and her children Matthew and Lemara, from Bristol, were celebrating after watching his amazing run in the Olympic stadium.
Sian is delighted to be back on TV screens as nasty Sally in Emmerdale, right, after her stint on drama Hope Springs with co-stars Alex Kingston and Vinette Robinson