Vinca rosea

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Crude plant extracts evaluated comprised of Azadirachta indica, Tagetes minuta, Nicotiana tobacum and Vinca rosea and Benomyl 1 was used as control.
Vinca rosea was prepared by adding a proportion of 1 g (approx.
Traditional medicine based on folklore and anecdotal information has produced leads for new antitumor and antibiotic drugs (Wedge and Camper, 1999), Vinca rosea was traditionally used for diabetes and was found to decrease white blood cell counts (Lippincott and Lippincott, 1975).
The drug was developed from extracts of the Vinca rosea plant, known as the Madagascar or common periwinkle, as was another cancer therapeutic, vinblastine.
Vinca rosea comes in many variations of white, pink, or rose, with or without a contrasting eye of rose or red.