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periwinkles: low creeping evergreen perennials

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The treatments evaluated included Azadirachta indica, Nicotiana tobacum, Vinca rosea, Benomyl 1 and water.
First Kiss Blueberry is the first vinca to move to that blue color that gardeners are always searching for.
In the lounge she balanced on the rim of the vinca bed and listened over her shoulder to starlings and grackles grouped close to our front porch.
Vinca minor, an exotic vine used for landscaping through much of the eastern U.
Legato said it had now successfully completed the integration of all acquired companies, including Vinca and Intelliguard Software Inc this year, and FullTime Software Inc and Software Moguls Inc last year.
As the third major representative of alternative thought, Vinca introduces the contemporary novelist Ismail Kadare (b.
Meriton Vinca, President of the Democratic Albanian Youth addressed the audience in Struga stressing the need of a big change, because this politics endangers the future of the youth and the nation.
One plant that will give you good evergreen growth is vinca.
ATMs belong to a class of anti-cancer drug known as anti-mitotics, including the current taxanes and vinca alkaloids.
Expression of Tnterest for Implementation of radioactive waste processing and decommissioning activities at Vinca Site, Serbia.
These drugs include vinca alkaloids, platinum-based drugs such as cisplatin, oxaliplatin and carboplatin, and the taxanes docetaxel and paclitaxel.
In the spring, lenten roses or lungwort would look good, or some blue vinca minor.
Tropical plants such as giant birds of paradise are used, and steep-banked walls of vinca with periwinkle flowers cover the slope leading to the seasonal creek.
The uranium - enough for three nuclear bombs - was spirited out of Belgrade's Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, on Thursday, with an escort of Yugoslav army helicopters and 1,200 heavily armed troops.
Use the angel's trumpet to anchor the composition, then place the shorter plants toward the edges, letting the trailers like sweet potato and vinca spill over the rim.