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Synonyms for Villa

Mexican revolutionary leader (1877-1923)

country house in ancient Rome consisting of residential quarters and farm buildings around a courtyard

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pretentious and luxurious country residence with extensive grounds

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References in classic literature ?
And she was a sly bit of baggage, too, only all hands were afraid of De Ville.
looked at King Wallace and King Wallace looked at her, while De Ville looked black.
De Ville was in a pretty mess--I helped to scrape him off; but he was cool as a cucumber and made no threats at all.
All the rest of the people in the dressing tent were watching the same thing, with the exception of De Ville whom I noticed staring at Wallace with undisguised hatred.
De Ville drew his handkerchief from his pocket, made as though to mop the sweat from his face with it (it was a hot day), and at the same time walked past Wallace's back.
De Ville will bear watching,' I said to myself, and I really breathed easier when I saw him go out the entrance to the circus grounds and board an electric car for down town.
Snuff--that De Ville dropped on his hair in the dressing tent.
If the king has signed, the gibbets will be sent this evening to the Hotel de Ville, in order to be got up and ready by to-morrow morning.
But as I go to the Louvre, I will pass by the Hotel de Ville.
Then aside to Gourville -- "Let them put to my English horses," said he, "and direct the coachman to stop at the Hotel de Ville de Paris.
At the same minute, one of the little windows of the Hotel de Ville was thrown open, and the head of a gendarme appeared.
Saint Antoine's blood was up, and the blood of tyranny and domination by the iron hand was down--down on the steps of the Hotel de Ville where the governor's body lay--down on the sole of the shoe of Madame Defarge where she had trodden on the body to steady it for mutilation.
Pour parer au pire, les autorites on du decreter un couvre-feu nocturne (20h-05h) dans la ville de Douz.
Connolly, tend a donner a Belfast l'image d'une ville etablie par Jacques 1er afin d'asseoir un pouvoir britannique et protestant dans le dernier chateau fort de l'Irlande gaelique au cours de la periode des plantations.