Anadenanthera colubrina

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Brazilian shrub having twice-pinnate leaves and small spicate flowers followed by flat or irregularly torulose pods

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Additionally, the quicklime may have been chewed with coca and mixed with ground vilca to produce a hallucinogenic snuff that could have formed an integral component of a ritual designed to shepherd the dead into the afterlife.
Moreover, according to preliminary liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry analysis, the fox-snout pouch contained chemical traces of multiple psychoactive plants including vilca (Anadenantbera colubrina), which may have been used as a snuff inhalant (Miller et al.
On April 15, the government announced the disappearances of junior police officers Luis Astuquilca, age 21, and Cesar Vilca, 22, who had participated in the hostage-rescue operation.
What happened to Zavaleta reminded many of the case of Susana Vilca, former vice minister of mines, who in November 2011 was questioned when the ministry found that she had three mining concessions--information that she did not include in her sworn declaration submitted when she took the ministry post.
And Wassen (1972) excavated a tool kit of a Middle Horizon Tiwanaku shaman, in which the hallucinogenic plants, Ilex guayusa and vilca, enema syringes and snuff trays provided supernatural transcendence.
The vice mayor of Echarati, Adolfo Vilca, told the Associated Press in a telephone interview, "The panorama is very uncertain.
Vilca - Jessica and Victor Vilca, of Eugene, a daughter.