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(Old Testament) third son of Adam and Eve

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evil Egyptian god with the head of a beast that has high square ears and a long snout


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At our current facility, we have capacity for 30 million litres of ice-cream," said Vikram Seth of Graviss.
It's very Seth's poems speak of lost love, changing seasons and themes that he himself can't understand SUMMER REQUIEM BY VIKRAM SETH ALEPH; ` 399
Her article, "The Writer as Traveler: The World of Vikram Seth," was published in WLT in May 2008.
Arecent collaboration between iconic brand ABSOLUT and literary genius Vikram Seth resulted in three beautiful works of art-aptly named ABSOLUT Seth.
This year's festival was attended by well-known South Asian authors, including Vikram Seth, Ali Sethi, Kishwar Desai, Ashok Ferrey, Dayanita Singh and Gulzar.
Farooqi's previous novel, The Story of a Widow, was widely praised, loved and said to recall Jane Austen to the minds of several critics - a compliment last paid in South Asia to Vikram Seth.
28 (ANI): Critics such as noted author Vikram Seth have described the BBC's decision to scale back its Hindi short wave radio service as a great disservice to its listeners, and predicted that it will lead to "a great loss of goodwill and increase of mistrust in India".
The Festival has gained accolades from world renowned authors such as Alexander McCall Smith, Ian Rankin and Vikram Seth.
Vikram Seth does this experience justice in his work "A Suitable Boy" when at one point the Muslim and Hindu characters in the novel - who have coexisted as neighbours in harmony for many years - find themselves fighting with their own lot to save the skin of a Hindu or a Muslim friend.
The Indian writer Vikram Seth is one of my favourites, because he loves music, he knows music, and this love finds its way into his books.
He worked with award-winning writer Vikram Seth, who translated poems by the Tang-dynasty Chinese poet Li Bai for the short piece which will be premiered by Mark Padmore accompanied by Nicholas Daniel.
3 A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth "Reconnects me with my Indian extended family in laws.
Seven Elements - The * final year of a Lichfield Festival commission from composer Alec Roth and librettist Vikram Seth.
Vikram Seth is writing a sequel to his bestselling novel A Suitable Boy, which was published in 1994.
I had not encountered the poetry of Vikram Seth until hearing settings of his words by the British composer Alec Roth.