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member of a vigilance committee

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Last month gardai claimed that vigilante groups involved in outing perverts are a "cause for concern".
Recorder Nolan told Lal: "When you attended your rendezvous, you were collared by the group, which Mr Giuliani describes as a vigilante group.
THE 4 Brigade, Nigerian Army, Benin, has denied killing any vigilante member or freeing any suspected herdsmen in Edo.
The publicity surrounding the case saw vigilantes smash his windows and throw a firework into his house.
The senior police officer shall take prompt action and ensure that vigilante groups and such people are prosecuted with [promptly].
Thiruvanantapuram (Kerala) [India], Sept 8 ( ANI ): National award winning Malayalam actress Surabhi Lakshmi became the latest target of cow vigilantes on social media, for eating beef.
Meanwhile, the business community of occupied Kashmir also expressed concern over attack on five members of a nomad family in Reasi by cow vigilantes and urged the puppet authorities not to allow Ghunda Raaj in the guise of cow protection in the occupied territory.
Or fanatic vigilante groups adopting barbaric methods of the medieval age to lynch people, beat suspected offenders to pulp, or act as anti-Romeo vigilantes by thrashing a husband and his wife or brother and sister after labelling them 'romantic couples.
Edcel Lagman said Lascanas' claim only corroborated the earlier revelation of self-confessed assassin Edgar Matobato that they led the vigilante squad DDS in summarily killing criminals and vocal critics of Duterte in Davao City when the latter was mayor.
Also from most indications, it is noticed that any community where vigilantes secures do witness a reduced or zero crime rate but at the withdrawal of the same due to any reason what so ever, criminal elements do resurface almost immediately and in most cases, the withdrawn vigilante groups are usually the chief culprits or suspects.
There's a sort of vigilante who has basically copycatted Guardian and has started taking the law into his own hands, but taking it a little bit too far and actually killing people," Jordan told the news outlet.
THE Congress on Saturday asked the Prime Minister and Home Minister to ban ' gau rakshaks' or cow protection vigilantes just as SIMI was banned in 2001 in the aftermath of 9/ 11 attacks.
In the 15-minute video the vigilantes read transcripts of alleged online conversations to the married suspect, who also admits he is a father, involving him and a fake 14-year-old girl.
Faces Like Devils: The Bald Knobber Vigilantes in the Ozarks
The Borno State Government has sign up the service of local vigilantes, called Civilian JTF for the provision of security in public schools.