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member of a vigilance committee

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Dongel had stated that, The vigilantes had already been contacted to provide surveillance in all schools.
Over the last year, the vigilantes, many of them former migrant workers who spent years in the United States, have seized a dozen towns terrorized by extortion, killings and rapes at the hands of the cartel's gunmen.
Six suspected gang members, including a witch doctor, have been killed by a vigilante mob in South Africa after residents took the law into their own hands to beat widespread violence in their townships.
The dead were reportedly members of vigilante groups that have recently sprung up in the region, claiming that state and federal police are not protecting them from criminal gangs.
After spraying suspects' faces at point-blank range with either black or white paint, the vigilantes then emblazon the pervert's clothing with the words "I am a harasser", the report said.
THE RAPIST 3 Greens attacked teenage student PERSECUTED Z Richard has been target of vigilantes
In Seattle, vigilante Ben Fodor has gone so far as to wear a mask, becoming known as "Phoenix Jones" and receiving national attention and becoming a celebrity in Seattle.
Police spokeswoman Joey Jeevan said: "We are investigating a terrible case of mob vigilante justice.
Comic book and film vigilantes usually work at night, using shadows and darkness as protection.
Vigilantes have no place in British justice, no matter how much we loathe paedophiles.
We are expected to either side with the vigilantes or the illegal immigrants, neither of which have blacks' best interests at heart.
Minutemen: teams of volunteers, sometimes described as vigilantes, who take it upon themselves to patrol the border in California, Arizona, and Texas.
The windows of an ASBO youth's home have been smashed by vigilantes in a revenge attack, a court heard.
Dr Wright said: "For Bush and Blair to go into Iraq together was like a bunch of white vigilantes going into Brixton to stop drug-dealing.
Promoting themselves as patriots protecting American jobs and defending national security, particularly in a post-9/11 context, the camouflage-clad vigilantes routinely stop groups of migrants at gunpoint, demand to know their immigration status, order them to the ground, and detain them until Border Patrol agents arrive.