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member of a vigilance committee

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Pakistan's police culture has produced and is likely to continue producing police officers who prefer zero-tolerance policies, who belong to a society that advocates vigilante justice and in the upper echelons of which men and women alike react to the deaths of criminals and suspected terrorists by exclaiming, 'Acha hua maar diya' (Good he was killed).
Karachi -- In quite a shocking incident of vigilante justice, a mob in Karachi on Saturday set two robbers on fire near Korangi No.
Outlaw's career reads almost like wild west pulp fiction, with true tales of train robberies, horseback chases, vigilante justice (and vigilante criminality), ambushes, bush-wacking, and more.
He both disturbs and delights by imagining vigilante justice taken to an extreme.
Windsor described the film as "a flinty portrait of inequality and vigilante justice in the modern Philippines.
The actress showed off her new look at the Los Angeles premiere of US online series Hand Of God, which tells the story of a corrupt judge, played by Ron Perlman, who turns to vigilante justice believing he is being guided by divine will.
When the daughter of burnt-out CIA man Bryan Mills is kidnapped by eastern European sex traffickers while on a trip to Paris, he sets out to find her and administer some less than legal vigilante justice to the bad guys, using a unique set of skills.
Murdock retreats back to his church to ask for forgiveness when he is struggling between the paths of vigilante justice and the legal system that he is supposed to be a poster boy for.
New Delhi: Police charged 18 people Sunday after a frenzied mob stormed a prison and lynched a rape suspect in India's northeast, in an act of vigilante justice condemned by rights groups and political leaders.
Accounts of rape, brawling, floggings meted out as punishment on sheep stations, murder, vigilante justice, and brutal expeditions against indigenous people all buttress Hogg's claim that such behavior, far from being aberrant departures from hegemonic masculinity, enacted one crucial element of the maintenance of white male superiority.
The stabbings were swiftly seen by many as yet another example of vigilante justice aimed at punishing "improper" hejab.
The country is facing violence and war on the Black Sea coast and vigilante justice that plagues society.
55pm, Film4 When Clyde Shelton's (Gerard Butler) wife and child are murdered in a botched home invasion, he is devastated to learn that one of their attackers will escape unpunished, and sets out to exact his own brand of vigilante justice.
Anyone who dares to have a stance and defend it in front of Bulgarian society is subject to vigilante justice in the spheres of media and politics," the leader of former ruling party Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) told Reding, according to reports of the party's press office.