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Synonyms for viewpoint

Synonyms for viewpoint

the position from which something is observed or considered

Synonyms for viewpoint

a mental position from which things are viewed

a place from which something can be viewed

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But all this did not alter the viewpoint the neighborhood must hold, that every one who had ever known her must hold.
He began to look at the matter from Claire's viewpoint, and his pity switched from himself to her.
In response to an increased demand for educational materials that build critical thinking and analytical skills, Wadsworth and Brooks/Cole, two comprehensive learning solutions providers that are part of the Thomson Corporation (TSX:TOC; NYSE:TOC), in partnership with the Gale Group, also part of the Thomson Corporation, today announced the launch of the Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center to students and professors in colleges and universities.
The information included in the resource center is divided into the following sections: Viewpoints, Reference, Statistics, Magazines and Newspapers, Images, and Web Sites to distinguish document types and allow students to navigate within a range of sources.
With the Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center, we are empowering students with the resources and tools they need to get timely, relevant information pertaining to all sides of today's key controversial issues," said Susan Badger, president and CEO of Wadsworth and Brooks/Cole.
NEW YORK -- Millions of Viewpoint Toolbar users will be given access to News, Weather, Horoscopes, Shopping, Search Information and Exclusive Skins at new website called The Viewpoint Exchange
Viewpoint Corporation (NASDAQ: VWPT) - a leading provider of Internet graphics and delivery systems - will unveil a new consumer website at 8pm EST called the Viewpoint Exchange, providing support for its growing ranks of Viewpoint Toolbar users - now numbered at more than four million installed.