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a machine that is operated by the insertion of a coin in a slot

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He doesn't like the new commission plan, but realizes that video slot machine games are the new thing.
The afternoon sun is still high, but the parking lot is filling fast, and inside the smoky 90,000-square-foot gambling hall, the hopeful already sit glued to most of the 1,000 video slot machines and to row after row of bingo tables.
Since the MCT System can be implemented in two different ways, as either part of the original, direct-from-the-manufacturer gaming machine or as an after-market retrofit to existing video slot machines, casino operators are taking the initiative to upgrade games in designated areas on their slot floor.
The BRONCO BILLY themed video slot machine offers players a chance to play the role of CLINT EASTWOOD, the famous knife-throwing, trick-shooting star of the feature film the game is based on.
The system includes a core suite of applications that enable casino, VLT and slot operators to dramatically increase revenues by delivering wagering opportunities, advertising, and television to both new and legacy video slot machines from multiple manufacturers.
The Universal Game Adaptor is available today for IGT video slot machines.
According to the Wall Street Journal, the Mohegan Sun Gaming Authority would be the operator of video slot machines, a 258-room hotel and a racetrack as part of the deal.
plagued quest to add video slot machines at Aqueduct Race Track and consider a better use for 192 acres of public land next to one of the nation's busiest airports.
The New Hampshire Senate has voted to legalize six casinos and 17,000 video slot machines.
Jay-Z, 40, owns a share in the Aqueduct Entertainment Group (AEG), which won a contract to add video slot machines to New York City's Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens, reports the Daily Star.
Celia is counting on the passage of a bill to allow video slot machines at racetracks (in order to compete with nearby casinos) to save Monee Park from bankruptcy.
The company has a decade's experience of designing and manufacturing both the hardware and software of video slot machines.
The pair worked very closely with Edward Price, managing director of North Tyneside-based Densitron Gaming, a designer and manufacturer of parts for video slot machines, and his fellow managers, Craig Stapleton and Ken Stomph to conclude the deal.
The DPX-114 is optimized for use in a variety of deployments such as ATMs, telecommunications, ticketing, vending machines, POS kiosks, video slot machines and various multimedia gaming applications.
A federal judge Tuesday enjoined several Southern California Indian tribes from operating video slot machines in their casinos.