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Synonyms for Vetluga

a river in central Russia

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Many timber dealers owned their own barges, hiring their poorer neighbors to load and tend their cargoes on yearly trips down the Vetluga and Volga to Kazan, Saratov, and even Astrakhan.
Many women on the estate sold baked goods not only in Baki, but at regional fairs that were easily accessible by river: the fair at Lapshanga, on the Vetluga north of Baki, and in Uren', on the Ust'e.
Since the middle of the seventeenth century, the trans-Volga, and especially the Vetluga region, was a haven for schismatics and sectarians, and it is not at all surprising to find them in Baki, especially since there were a number of Old Believer religious communities close by.