vesicoureteral reflux

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a backflow of urine from the bladder into the ureter

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The micional uretro cystography showed bilateral vesico-ureteral reflux.
Persutte et al (15), reported that although post-natal surgery was necessary in only a small number of cases of prenatal hydronephrosis, surgical intervention was necessary in 33% of those patients found with vesico-ureteral reflux diagnosed prenatally.
A population of 64 healthy boys and 38 girls (6 months to 8 years of age) was selected from patients undergoing elective short-term surgery or procedures (superficial hemangiomas, nevi, and other cosmetic surgeries; vesico-ureteral reflux, cystoscopies) in the Turku University Central Hospital.
2]O) can result in vesico-ureteral reflux causing pyelonephritis and renal calculi (Perkash, 1993).
Has radiologically documented vesico-ureteral reflux while on a program of intermittent catheterization.